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Natalya Kaspersky

Natalya Kaspersky,
President at InfoWatch Group
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Born in Moscow in 1966, Natalya Kaspersky graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics with Diploma in Applied Mathematics.

In 2007, Natalya headed InfoWatch, which now dominates the Russian IT market, still actively develops in Russia and the CIS, and successfully enters the global arena. InfoWatch offers innovative and effective corporate data and enterprise protection against information leakage and the most pressing internal and external threats.

Natalya holds multiple awards in Russian and International Business and IT:

  • «Entrepreneur of the Year 2016» in Russia according to the global audit company EY, winner in “High-Tech” Category.
  • Bronze medalist of “Top-100 most influential Russian women in business” rating.
  • “Russian Business Leader of the Year 2012” award honoring her remarkable contribution to the progress of the Russian IT community, according to Horasis, the Global visions community.
  • Leader of “Top-1000 highest Russian managers of 2014” in IT according to Kommersant leading Russian business daily and Association of Russian managers.
  • Best Technology Business Entrepreneur, Women in Technology MEA 2014 awards, Dubai.
  • Nominee as The most influential person from Russia Q1 2015 for input in the IT-industry by BRIC Magazine, UK
  • Leader of  «» rating in Telecom/IT in 2017
  • The 30 most inspirational leaders in business by Insights Success Magazine.
Alexey Nagorny

Alexey Nagorny,
CEO, JSC InfoWatch

Alexey was born in 1980 in Moscow and graduated from the Department of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Alexey has extensive management experience. In 2011, he founded RIWW and successfully brought several services to the mobile app and search market under osmino brand. Since 2012, Alexey has headed Taiga Systems, a company which develops mobile device protection software and produces secure smartphone, TaigaPhone.

In 2014, he also started growing a Vietnam’s search engine, Wada. Today, Wada Market, a product search tool, covers approximately 75% of the retail business in Vietnam.

In 2015, Alexey joined InfoWatch as a CEO, being responsible for elaborating development strategy, winning new market shares for company, drafting product offerings, driving international expansion, maintaining leading positions, and conquering new market segments.

Rustem Khairetdinov

Rustem Khairetdinov,
Vice-President of Attack Killer Protection

Rustem Khairetdinov was born on 30 March 1966. He graduated from Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Also he passed postgraduate course at Institute of multiphase systems mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences. For more than 20 years he works in corporate IT and information security.

Rustem led commercial departments in leading IT companies: Steepler, Dell Systems, Gorod-Info, Kaspersky Lab, Netwell. In 2004 he was appointed head of commercial department of InfoWatch, and in a few years brought the company to the highest positions of the Russian IT market. In 2010 he founded and headed the Appercut company, which later joined the InfoWatch holding.

In 2010 he defended his thesis of Candidate of Economics as he presented an innovative method to optimize corporate information security costs. Rustem is a frequent lecturer in colleges and corporate universities, he also writes articles for professional and business periodicals.

Vladimir Shutemov,
Chief International Business Development Officer

Vladimir graduated from Kuzbass State Technical University in 2001 with a Diploma in Accounting and Audit.

He started his career in 1999 by joining an IT team of Siberian Cement Holding Company and 10 years later being promoted to the position of CIO (holder of Microsoft certificates).

In 2009, Vladimir left Kemerovo for Saint Petersburg to join Yota's Corporate Sales Department.

Completed projects:

  • Fitting out Sapsan express trains to have Internet access onboard for Russian Railways
  • Developing enterprise equipment for specialized agencies
  • Managing projects for bank equipment vendors

Vladimir left Yota for Dengi Online startup where he was responsible for boosting sales.

As part of his work, Vladimir established a sales function, including Cold Call and Key Account business units, built a strong team and deployed an incentive scheme, which is now used in all of the company's branches worldwide.

The investors highly appreciated Vladimir's achievements and thus offered him a position to develop an e-payment system in Asia.

Today, the company has an office in Bangkok, with 100 people on staff, and ranks 4th in terms of transaction volume in Thailand.

Vladimir has completed projects in Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia.In addition, he launched an e-wallet and an aggregator for web stores. In January 2015, Vladimir left the company's management, remaining on the Board of Directors.