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When missing your breakfast is not a big deal

My working week started with broken car making me late to a business breakfast with young Russian entrepreneurs from the Leaders Club. It was nice of them to wait for me readily and, most importantly, have a discussion full of challenging ideas and case studies, some of which, I believe, we are going to review deeper. The hour-and-a-half meeting began with the eternal question: how to succeed in big business.

The audience was fully engaged in active dialog. Almost two dozens of entrepreneurs, those who have track record of real businesses built in various sectors of economy–from agriculture, construction and engineering to ICT, charity, and pharmacy–talked, asked questions, shared their experiences, making this business breakfast more business than breakfast itself.

The good news is that nobody was whining or putting the blame for current problems on the government and officials. The attendees, most around the age of 30, believe in themselves and their country, know the price of success when everything works out and the value of a partner's shoulder lent when it doesn't.

I chalked up several points which, if properly put in practice, could be useful for InfoWatch projects. We have agreed to keep in touch.

Thank you, colleagues! I wish your Club prosperity and new achievements.
Sincerely yours, Natalya Kaspersky