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Templates Analyzer

According to InfoWatch Analytical Labs «Global Data Leakages and Insider Threats Report, 2011», the most vulnerable data remains personal data, accounting for 92.4% of all leaks that occurred during the period under research. This is not surprising: personal data is relatively easily converted into ready money, and so this is the data that criminals are after. Above all, what they are looking for is bank card data, social security numbers, passport data, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

The «Templates Analyzer» technology used in InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is designed to detect alphanumeric characters in data templates and enables highly effective identification of instances where personal data or financial information is being forwarded. Moreover, this technology can be used as a secondary means of identifying instances of unauthorized transfer of internal documents containing formalized data laid out according to a specific template (for example, contracts or accounts in the case of detection of banking credentials, classifier codes, etc).

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor comes with a selection of predefined text templates that may be used as the basis for the creation of a security policy. The list includes:

  • credit card numbers;
  • passport numbers;
  • telephone numbers;
  • email addresses;
  • retirement insurance identification numbers (Russia);
  • individual taxpayer identification numbers (Russia);
  • bank identification codes (Russian and SWIFT);
  • international securities identification codes;
  • Russian national classification codes, etc.

Advantages of the Technology:

  • highly efficient in detecting personal data and financial information;
  • can detect content types specific to individual organizations;
  • rarely requires updating since the templates for the main confidential data change very rarely.

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