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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard

Integrated software solution for medium-sized businesses and branch offices of large companies (50–300 employees). The solution is designed to monitor and protect corporate information from leaks or unauthorized distribution.

  • Monitor data sent outside the corporate network by email, Internet or instant message
  • Analyze intercepted data to identify information that has left the company network without authorization
  • Store analyzed data to enable investigations to be carried out and detailed reports to be created

Purpose and Benefits

For large companies

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a solution for large companies and corporations.

Differences between Enterprise and Standard

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard is a software solution that monitors corporate information flow, specially developed to take account of the needs of medium-sized businesses. The product is distinguished by its wide range of functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, and price-to-quality ratio, which is ideal for medium-sized businesses.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard allows you to obtain detailed, reliable information about the particular features of information handling within your company, to predict the risks, and formulate a plan to minimize them.

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Key Features

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard allows you to monitor the main channels through which data is leaked:

  • Corporate mail system (SMTP)
  • Internet (publication of information on various websites, webmail, social networks, forums, etc.)
  • Instant messaging systems (using OSCAR protocol, more than 40 IM-clients, for example ICQ)

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