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Data Leakage News

November 14, 2018

Because of their position, top managers enjoy privileged access to confidential information, including personal data of employees and customers, trade secrets, and other sensitive information. This is a digest of data leaks by executives, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

August 10, 2018

A parenting advice site has been fined £140,000 after it was accused of illegally collecting data and selling it on for use by the Labour Party, which used it to profile new mums, The BBC reports.

August 01, 2018

Ten million people were affected by Dixons Carphone's data breach last year, the firm admitted today - far more than the 1.2 million it initially reported last month, IT PRO writes.

July 23, 2018

The UpGuard Cyber Risk team disclosed that sensitive documents for over a hundred manufacturing companies were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics. Among the companies with data exposed in the incident are divisions of VW, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, GM, Tesla and ThyssenKrupp.

July 19, 2018

A former Apple engineer has pleaded not guilty after being accused of stealing Apple's autonomous vehicle research, The ZDNet writes.

July 12, 2018

A federal judge imposed a $4.3 million fine against the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for failing to secure health records which led to the possible compromise of health records of 35,000 people, the website Chron reports.

November 08, 2018

Payment details and personal data of hotel customers are honey pies for cyber criminals who therefore break into Wi-Fi networks and booking systems. This is a digest of leaks from hotel chains, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

October 03, 2018

In Q3 2018, InfoWatch Analytical Center registered almost 20% more confidential data leaks year over year. This is a digest of top five incidents revealed during the period from July to September.

November 01, 2018

In H1 2018, USB sticks and other removable media accounted for 2.1% of leaks worldwide. Although its share in the leakage breakdown decreased, this channel should not be ignored. DLP systems reliably control the use of removable media in the company, while it also makes sense to encrypt sensitive information for its secure transfer. This is a digest of recent leaks through removable media, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

July 11, 2018

Facebook failed to protect people’s data and wasn’t transparent about how personal information was being used by others, the UK’s data watchdog has found in a damning report, The Wired writes.

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